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OneHat Technologies, LLC is a software development company based out of Peoria, IL. We develop custom software for businesses and organizations of all sizes. At OneHat, we view the creation of software as a work of craftsmanship. Great skill and care and artistry are required to create code that is truly good and beautiful!

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Mission & Vision

OneHat Technologies, LLC exists to glorify and enjoy the triune God, as He is revealed in the Bible.

By God’s grace, OneHat Technologies, LLC seeks to glorify God by creating works of software craftsmanship in accordance with truth, goodness, and beauty.

Our motto is: “Software craftsmanship to the glory of God!”


Scott SpulerFounded by Scott Spuler in 2002, OneHat Technologies, LLC (formerly, One Hat Design Studio) started out as a graphic design and website design shop.

The company grew in its service offerings with Scott’s own personal giftings and interests, including audio production, video production, theatrical stage lighting, and enterprise-level software development. Soon, hosting, search engine optimization, social network marketing, and more services were added.

Eventually, it became clear that OneHat needed to focus on only one of these varied endeavors, and decided to land on software development.

Since that time, through ups and downs, OneHat has persevered, and now finds itself on the cutting edge of what’s possible with application development today.

In August 2019, OneHat founded a network of developers called The OneHat Developer Network. The idea behind this network is that independent developers would combine their resources to tackle large, interesting projects they would not otherwise have access to. In addition, the Network can also provide access to resources which enable them to become entrepreneurs—starting their own business, and remaining independent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost to build...?

Asking this question is like asking a general contractor, “How much would it cost for you to build me a house?”

He would almost certainly answer, “It depends. Show me the blueprints.”

OneHat builds custom software. This software could range anywhere from a few thousand dollars, to millions of dollars! It all depends on the specifics.

For very general figures, please consult our Standard Pricing Sheet

How long would it take to build...?

Similar to the previous question, this is like asking a general contractor, “How long would it take you to build me a house?”

He would almost certainly answer, “It depends. Show me the blueprints.”

OneHat’s custom software can take weeks or months to develop. We are able to rush projects through at an accelerated rate, but there are costs involved in doing so.

Please contact us today to get an estimate on turnaround time.

Can you build...?


Do you do agile?

We agree with the original Agile Manifesto, and respect and follow many of the original signers of this document. 

Agile development practices are best suited to situations where the requirements are unknown or have the potential to be constantly changing. Agile development practices are not well suited to situations where the requirements include high stability and are not subject to change.

So our practices differ, depending on the needs of the situation.

What happens if you get hit by a bus?

This question comes up on nearly every new software project. The client’s fear is usually that the custom software will become obsolete and unusable if the original developer is no longer available to maintain the system.

Several points can be made:

  1. The software will continue to run, as it always has
  2. Most of our contracts allow the client to modify the code as needed. We do not want to force our clients to remain with us—we’d rather have them stick around because they’re thrilled with us!
  3. We use industry-standard practices for building code, and we also write clean code. This means it would be relatively easy for another competent developer to quickly understand and maintain our code.

Why do you mix religion with software development?

Because it is unnatural to separate them.


Read this blog post for more info.

More questions? Contact us today!

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with Genesis Adaptive to provide hosting services to our clients.

We partner with WebDesign309 to provide search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and other website marketing and metric analysis services.

Who’s using OneHat software?