We develop

But not just web apps—amazing web apps that look, feel, and act like desktop apps.

We’ve built web software to manage fleets of equipment, analyze mounds of data, facilitate intra-office communication, manage events and bookings, provide online ticket ordering, and more.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Screenshot of Fleet App

We develop sophisticated apps

  • Our apps deal with massive amounts of data
  • Easy imports and exports, including MS Excel documents, DB connections, flat files, web services, and more
  • View interactive and animated data visualizations
  • Integrate with current or legacy back-end systems
  • Send and receive automated daily alerts and notifications
  • Make use of third-party web services and APIs
  • Have your data pushed directly into most popular website content management systems
  • Operate securely over encrypted connections
  • Maintain high availability, and quick data recovery
  • View on touch-screen mobile devices

We develop sophisticated apps that people love to use

...and just who’s using our web apps?
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You’ll love us too

One Hat provides custom application development, managed hosting, and SEO.

Once your app is complete, we also have the capability of marketing it to your target audience.

Does your business need a custom web app to support mission-critical infrastructure? If so, One Hat is your development partner!

Certifications & Partnerships

We are a certified SalesForce development firm. We are a certified Authorize.net partner. We have multiple Google-certified SEO specialists on-staff with certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

In short, we are well equipped to meet your development and marketing needs.

We design

But not just websites—amazing websites, with features and functionality that are out of reach for most other web design companies.

  • Our sites are beautiful, since we take aesthetics very seriously.
  • Our sites are responsive, so they work on any device.
  • Our sites use content management systems, so you can edit them yourself.
  • Our sites use retina images, so they look great on the latest high-resolution devices.
  • Our sites integrate with business systems, whether modern, legacy, or custom.

We design amazing websites

  • Our sites can integrate with complicated back-end systems like SalesForce, SAP, NDS, and others.
  • We can integrate with social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Constant Contact, and more.
  • We do SEO. We have multiple certified Google SEO Specialists on-staff to help with SEO strategies.
  • We provide sophisticated hosting, monitoring, and backup solutions, so your website will be reliable.
  • We are a certified Authorize.net partner, so your website can accept online payments and have those funds deposited directly into your bank account.
  • All our sites are custom-built to match the brand of your company. And if your company doesn’t yet have a brand, we can help with that too!
  • We make NO cookie-cutter sites!
  • Our sites can include completely custom-written front-end functionality or whole custom back-end systems to support them. This enables our websites to have any feature you can dream up.
  • We’re crazy about user-interface design, so our sites tend to be clean, easy to navigate, easy to use, and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Our sites can include fancy animations, 3D graphics, sound, custom video, complicated forms, and more!

Case Study: The Spirit of Peoria

We deliver

One Hat offers managed hosting for apps and client websites through a product called OneHost™.

OneHost™ offers some of the finest web hosting at affordable and fair prices.

  • Automated backups
  • Automated replication
  • Security updates
  • Load balancing
  • Customized solutions for your needs
Photo of data center server room

Customized Hosting for Your Needs

We can build a custom solution for your specific business needs, including server configuration, storage requirements, network capacity, and so on. We can set up a solution that scales appropriately, has necessary redundancy, and maintains high availability.

One Hat can create a turnkey hosting package for your company or organization. Give us a call today!

About Us

One Hat Staff

One Hat has the best design and development team anywhere around, and our team is growing fast.
If you’re a developer and think your skills would fit with our team, contact us today!

Photo of Scott Spuler

Scott Spuler

Owner, Designer, Developer

Scott founded One Hat Design Studio, LLC in 2002 as a small graphic design house. The business quickly grew to encompass many other skillsets, including website design and development, video production, audio production, and even theatrical stage lighting. Scott is equal parts artist and engineer, serving the company as a graphic designer, musician, and both front & back-end developer. Scott lives with his beautiful wife and six lovely children. In his spare time, Scott enjoys composing music, teaching at church, and reading theology books.

Photo of Tristan McGowan

Tristan McGowan

Project Manager / Lead Developer

Tristan has been exposed to just about every facet of the IT Industry possibe, starting in high school when he served as the Olympia School District’s main system and network administrator when he was only 16. He is versed in almost every angle of the web space ecosystem from Hosting & Server Infrastucure, to LAMP Stack Adminstration, as well as Website & Application Development. He has held such positions as Network Engineering Administrator, VoIP Engineering & Administrator, Database Architect & Administrator, Web Systems Engineer, and Full Stack Developer. In his free time, he spends as much time with his family as possible, and enjoys sports, movies, video games, and educational family activities.

Photo of Weston Walker

Weston Walker

Lead Developer

Weston graduated from ISU in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Web Development. At ISU, he worked in the networking department, helping setup and secure the network across ISU’s campus. Since then, he has worked with several companies, gaining experience in database administration, web and application development, windows software development, and various other IT skills. In his free time, Weston enjoys sports, hunting, fishing, and anything else that gives him the opportunity to be outdoors.

Photo of Jack Babb

Jack Babb

Intern Developer

Jack is our Summer intern from Bradley University. Although young, Jack has years of experience programming both front & back-end code. Jack is adept at solving problems and has already proven himself extremely helpful!

Our Purpose & Mission

One Hat Design Studio, LLC exists to glorify the triune God, as revealed in the Bible.
By God’s grace, One Hat Design Studio, LLC seeks to glorify God by creating beautiful artwork that is good and true.

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One Hat Blog

Why is Good SEO Advice So Hard to Find?

January 28, 2017 By Tristan McGowan

Do you ever feel like search engine optimization is less of a business and marketing tactic and more of a dark art like alchemy? If so, you certainly aren't alone. In my experience, businesspeople of all stripes know they need to attract a small sliver of Google's 2 billion daily hits but aren’t sure how to go about moving up in the search rankings. They’ve read contradictory tips, heard all the old and outdated advice, and have even paid consultants who didn't deliver on their promises.

In other words, they've tried to take steps to succeed on Google but haven't gotten the results they hoped for. And in each case they were left to wonder: why is good SEO advice so hard to find? Today, I want to take a quick look at the biggest answers to that question, and to see what they mean for business owners who want to get things right…

Google Doesn't Give Direct Guidelines for SEO

It would be nice if Google would simply tell you how to optimize your site to rank well in searches, but that's never going to happen in a direct way. It can't. For one thing, if Google were to suddenly publicize the details of its top-secret search formula, we would be overrun with unethical marketers who would discover new ways to game the system overnight. Google has become the world's most valuable company because it has something its competitors don’t. You can bet they aren’t going to give up that advantage anytime soon.

Search Algorithms are Always Changing

Even supposing that Google would tell you exactly how its search algorithm operates, that information would go out of date pretty quickly. In addition to the major updates to the formula – think Penguins and Pandas – there are dozens of small adjustments that are implemented each and every week. Add to that the fact that big tweaks concerning mobile compatibility and link strength keep coming, along with a competitive landscape that is always moving, and it’s easy to see why there couldn't ever be an unchanging formula to follow.

Individual Searchers See Different Results

Marketers tend to think Google search results are what they are, but the reality is that each user gets a personalized result based on whatever they enter into the engine. These may be nearly identical in some circumstances, but wildly different in others. For instance, geography, past search history, and even device or browser type can all affect the search results someone will get from a given Google query. For that reason, SEO isn't necessarily about getting a 'top ranking', but being visible to the customers who are most likely to buy from you.

How do You Succeed at SEO With Inconsistent Information?

When you put all of these factors together, you realize that what you need isn't a search engine optimization formula or cheat sheet – it's a comprehensive online marketing plan that adjusts for a changing landscape and moves you closer to your bottom-line goals. You want a strategy that will incorporate the latest organic search visibility tactics, along with best practices in social media, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and even online reputation management. You want to use every tool that can help you grow your business, but not be dependent on any of them. What you certainly shouldn't do is tie the success of your business to a gimmick that might stop working in a matter of time.

Good search engine optimization advice is hard to find because business owners look for easy answers that aren't there. Being visible to your customers is about many different pieces and habits working together, rather than emphasizing some obscure algorithmic loophole that might be closed in a few weeks.

At One Hat Web Design, we know a lot about what it takes to rank well on Google. Even more importantly, however, we know what it takes to apply that information to a client's specific circumstances and challenges to get the right results. If you're ready to stop chasing random tips and outdated tactics – and start using your website to make your business more profitable – than we want to hear from you. Call our office today to set up a free consultation.

We requested One Hat to build us a used equipment website with functions that allowed us to better market and manage our inventory. Not only was the (behind the scenes) programing effective, but as importantly it was well accepted and found to be very user friendly. Years later we continue to use this website with confidence and satisfaction.
Thank you Matt! Just wanted to mention that your staff has been great to work with on this project. I know the bullseye has moved around a bit but Tristan has continued to push through and still take the time to explain the differences between our current dinosaur and our new ferrari.
For over fifteen years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with One Hat for our graphic design and web design needs. They have always done an outstanding job on every assignment and have provided great customer support as well. We hope to be working with Scott and his team for many years to come and highly recommend his company for anyone wanting solid, dependable results.
ICU Mobile is thankful to Scott Spuler and his team for their ability to meet our web needs both in technical approaches and in design concepts, providing us with new user friendly websites which incorporate and make more contemporary, our look and function, reflecting better, the image and information of our ministry. Scott and his team are gifted in their areas of expertise and are professional, diligent and honest in their work with us, and have continued to provide educational and practical support. We are pleased to recommend them to others, confident that they will provide excellent, responsible service.
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