The OneHat Developer Network

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The OneHat Developer Network is a collection of elite software developers who share the following characteristics:

  1. Skilled excellence in software craftsmanship and/or related fields
  2. A desire to continue learning and growing
  3. A desire to remain (or become) self-employed
  4. A desire to band together with other developers, in order to obtain more interesting work
  5. A desire to build the culture around them—a culture that is true, good, and beautiful


  • Members remain self-employed
    • Be your own boss!
    • Set your own hours
    • Work from home, or wherever you’re most comfortable
    • Wear whatever you want
    • Charge whatever you want
    • No pay limits!
  • Members work on a project basis.
    • Projects are assigned to members based on their skills and experience
    • Projects can be requested.
      i.e. If you’re looking for a particular type of project, let us know!
    • Projects can be rejected.
      i.e. You don’t ever have to accept a project you don’t want.
  • Project rates are negotiable
    • Not all developers are created equal—skills, experience levels, and availability all vary from dev to dev.
    • Each project can be negotiated independently
  • Bring in a new project, and earn commission
    • Have a project that’s too big to handle yourself? Bring it to the team and earn a commission on the sale, in addition to what you earn as a developer.
  • Self-employment training
    • Occasional seminars
    • Book resources
    • Live help and advice from experienced software development business owners

Easier route to self-employment

Many developers wish they could strike out on their own, but have no ability to do so.

  • How will I support myself and my family?
  • How will I find new projects to work on?
  • How will I find new clients?

The OneHat Developer Network can make this transition from full-time employment to self-employment much easier!

Membership is by invitation only.

Prior to invitation, all members of the OneHat network are individually vetted to ensure they are truly skilled and will work well with the existing team.

Request an Invitation