Why do you mix religion with software development?

Why mix religion with software development?
Because it is unnatural to separate them.

Jesus Christ is the Creator of everything we see and everything we don’t see (Col 1.16). To talk about anything in creation without reference to Jesus is like talking about the Mona Lisa without reference to Leonardo da Vinci. It doesn’t make sense. They’re inseparable.

Jesus Christ is Lord over everything, and that’s His rightful place (Col 1.18). Talking about software development without reference to Jesus is like a castle baker refusing to acknowledge his king in every meal he creates.

All makers of software and all users of software are accountable to Jesus Christ as their Lord (Phil 2.10-11). Many people do not know this truth, or refuse to accept it. That is why the good news of Jesus Christ goes out to them—both a declaration that He is Lord over all (Acts 10.36); and a call to repent and believe (Mk 1.15), with a beautiful promise of forgiveness (Luke 24.47). Software development is not excluded from this declaration and call of lordship.

Uniting Christ with software development is simply uniting the Creator with His creation. It’s uniting a King with the work of his vassals. It’s the acknowledgment of a servant that he has a Master. What could be more natural than that?