We’re not neutral—but at least we’re honest about it!

No company is neutral.

Everyone has some idea of what is right and wrong, of what is good and evil, of what should be and what should not be. And everyone operates according to that worldview. Everyone works toward what they believe to be “the good,” and against what they believe to be “the evil.” No one is neutral with regard to good and evil.

Neutrality is a myth. 

Large tech companies today like to portray themselves as politically or ideologically or religiously neutral, but this is misleading. The truth is starting to come out from their political allies and even from their most senior staff.

The problem is not that a person or company has a perspective and endorses it—such is unavoidable.

The problem is the dishonesty of portraying one’s self as neutral, and then acting in a biased way. Fidelity to the truth requires us to be open about one’s stance, and then to defend it.

Our stance

OneHat Technologies is fully devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. We run our business in submission to Him, we vote in the way that we believe would bring Him the most glory, and by God’s grace, we will continue to operate that way, regardless of what may come.