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Search Engine Optimization Services

Why your business needs search engine optimization (SEO).

One Hat Technologies, LLC, provides extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for the Central Illinois (Peoria) area. Often, our client have heard about SEO but have no idea what it means, or how it can benefit them. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of taking steps to increase the number of visitors to a site. This is done by taking actions that obtain as high a ranking in the search results as possible. Often the ultimate goal is increased sales or customer visibility.

SEO tends to be far more cost-effective than traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, etc). Web based marketing—SEO—often has the lowest cost of entry with the highest possible return.

SEO results can be seen and measured. One Hat produces monthly reports for our clients, showing how much money was spent, where it was spent, and how much return on investment was gained. We have a policy of transparency, so our clients can see clearly how much we charge for management of an SEO property.

Don’t throw your money at advertising without being able to track your conversions. Switch to One Hat’s SEO services today, and instantly index every penny.

By the way, this service is related to search engine marketing and social network marketing, but they are not all the same thing.

We make SEO work for you.

At One Hat Technologies, our proprietary platform can help clients of all industries improve their SEO rankings. Whether your business is a startup, or a well-established company just looking to stay ahead of your competition, our platform will work for you.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t “set it and forget it.” Our highly trained and vetted SEO experts and proprietary toolset never stop working for you. We are able to monitor your site’s rankings and online reputation for significant changes on a daily basis, and react to those changes quickly and effectively. This agility provides the highest potential to move up in rankings.

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