Software Craftsmanship

to the glory of God

Software Craftsmanship

to the glory of God

Software Development

OneHat software is a work of craftsmanship, tailored to our clients’ exact needs. We build native mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, and many other kinds of software. Our core values of truth, goodness, and beauty shine forth in every app we create!

Website Design

Our custom website designs are perfect for companies tired of the limitations of canned website providers, or who need a website that’s truly special and unique. Our website designs will thrill you, and be a perfect match for your business.

Who's using OneHat software?

Anheuser Busch
John Deere
John Deere
Cat Financial


Our consulting services make our decades of knowledge and experience available to clients—with competitive hourly, monthly, and project rates!


We provide custom hosting solutions for our customers. Our managed hosting services are full-service, top-notch, and feature highly competitive pricing.


hipster 1
Beware! Non-Progressive!
I just don't get it! A technology company that's NOT pushing a liberal-progressive agenda onto the world?
It’s . . . unnatural.
John Rawls
hipster 4
OneHat has the gall to assert that absolute truth exists.
I really feel hurt and offended by that idea.
Neil Flake
sad girl
This company insists that not all ideas are equally good.
Such bigotry is simply intolerable.
Char Latan
This business is owned by a white, heterosexual, Christian, male. He should be ashamed of himself—but he’s not!
Sophia Nouveau
hipster 2
Stay Away!
OneHat’s constant talk about goodness really scares me.
Tobia Sanballat
Beauty's Beast?
How can such a plain-looking guy like Scott talk to others about beauty, as if he knows anything about it?
Robert Branson