Web Applications: What they can do for you.

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For years, companies looking for applications to increase employee productivity, customer visibility, or user experience only had the option of building stand alone applications. These applications came with many downsides, including multiple installs, multiple versions for different operating systems, and the inconvenience of having to install them on user's devices.

What changed?

Every year the progress of technology increases and the world wide web is no exception to that. Web technologies have increased to the point where sophisticated enterprise applications can now be built for the web. These web applications provide similar functionality and numerous benefits over a traditional desktop or mobile application.

  1. Inheritently accessible to all users from anywhere because the application lives on the web.
  2. Login systems that provide security and visiblity to only the people you want in your application.
  3. Secure database storage so your application is driven off the data from your company.
  4. Dynamic content loading allows no refreshes of the browser when accessing new content or pages vastly increasing performance and user experience.
  5. The ability to interface your company's data to your clients anywhere in the world.
  6. One application that can be accessed from any size of device or operating system.
  7. No installation required by users.

How does One Hat fit in?

One Hat specializes in web application development. For years, we have provided reliable sophisticated web apps for numerous clients. The process of building a large scale web application can be a tedious endevour but through our experience over the years we have perfected the steps to deliver clients the web applications they deserve.

  1. Call One Hat to setup initial meeting.
  2. Help us understand your business processes and how we can incorporate them into your web application.
  3. Based on step 2, scope out the functionality and user interface you need.
  4. Finilize the specifications with the client.
  5. Develop the application.
  6. Thourougly test the application.
  7. Deliver!

What are you waiting for?

If you are in need of a web application for your business needs, give One Hat a call now at (309) 685-4662. We will help you in any way we can through the process to deliver you the web application for your company's future!

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