3 Online Marketing Disasters That are Easy to Avoid

When business owners come to us for new websites and online marketing plans, it’s usually because they have big dreams and aspirations. They want to see more leads coming in, generate online sales that grow revenue while decreasing costs, and win customers who will come back again and again for years.

There is another side to this dynamic, however. We sometimes meet with new clients who have either experienced online marketing disasters, or are afraid they will at some point in the near future. Ironically, the very worst setbacks they fear are also the easiest to avoid.

In particular, here are three Internet marketing catastrophes that you can probably steer clear of with a little bit of planning…

#1 Having Your Website Hacked

If a sophisticated hacking team really wants to break into your small business website, they may be able to do so. That’s a pretty rare occurrence, however. What is far more likely is that your site will be broken into because it presents an easy target.

By using strong passwords, continually updating your content management software and plugins, and investing a few dollars a day into high-quality web hosting you can deter most online thieves. It only takes a small amount of effort – by you or your web design team – to avoid being an obvious victim.

#2 Disappearing From Google’s Search Listings

Every time Google makes an algorithm change – even a small one – there is a group of business owners who finds that the traffic to their landing pages has disappeared overnight. Usually, they stop just short of tearing their hair out and wondering why they’ve had such horrible luck.

In reality, though, a sudden disappearance from Google’s search listings isn’t usually much of a mystery. Instead, it’s a reflection of the fact that the company’s owners have been following fads and shortcuts designed to boost their results in fast and unsustainable ways. Once Google’s search engine algorithms adjust, they are penalized and find themselves back at the starting line… or worse, banned from the listings altogether.

#3 Losing Sales Because of a Run of Bad Reviews

Make no mistake: a slew of bad online reviews can ruin your online marketing campaigns very rapidly. If buyers think your products, customer service, or quality are going to be an issue based on things other customers have written, it’s going to impact your bottom line.

The obvious way to prevent this is by treating your customers in the right way and then encouraging them to leave positive feedback for you all over the web. However, you can go a little farther and spend a few dollars on a reputation management service that will help you keep track of your online reviews and stop competitors from leaving fake reviews to hurt your business.

Millions of dollars are lost every day because of online marketing disasters. A great majority of them are entirely preventable. Are you doing enough to keep your website and business protected? If not, now is the perfect time to speak to a member of our team about a website audit and consultation.

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