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Application Development

One Hat Technologies, offers custom software solutions for businesses of any size. Every business is different; every industry has its own problems that need custom solutions; and our goal is to develop custom software to make your business succeed. One Hat Technologies is here to serve you, and meet your needs. Our expert developers are skilled in a variety of areas, so we can offer you the right tool for the job.

Below are some of the many different development services we offer:

Mobile Application Development

Let One Hat develop a mobile application that’s a perfect, custom-fit for your situation. Should your app be designed to generate revenue? Should it distribute information? Should it facilitate communication or interact with other complicated systems? We can do it all! And more! Let us turn your ideas into a reality today. … and yes, we can develop for both Android and iOS platforms.

Web Application Development

Apps are not limited to just mobile platforms. Nowadays, many apps are built as complete web applications. In fact, many web apps today are made to work and feel like desktop applications, with full-featured user interfaces, functional widgets, and animated elements. We’re masters at developing these kinds of custom web applications. Our web apps are in use by large companies such as GM, John Deere, Anheuser Busch, and Ikea. For an example of our work, check out mhfleet.com.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop software tends to have fast, responsive user interfaces, and can be built with very high security in mind. Sometimes a custom desktop app is just what’s needed to solve a particular problem. Let our desktop software developers can build a custom desktop app for your needs today.

Complicated Websites

Sometimes websites need to be more than just websites, but not quite full-fledged web applications. We can help. We can build custom bits of software that run on popular content management systems. We’ve built plugins for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Concrete5. We can also build custom integrations between these popular CMSes and other third-party software apps.

SalesForce Integration

Is your business taking advantage of the SalesForce platform? Are you aware of all that SalesForce could do for you? Do you need a custom integration between your enterprise software and SalesForce? Let One Hat build that custom SalesForce integration for you today.

Google Integration

Many businesses are starting to take advantage of Google’s many APIs to serve their own needs. Let One Hat build this custom integration for you.

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