App Development

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OneHat offers custom app development for Chicago, IL businesses and organizations of any size.

Types of apps we develop: Business | Mobile | Web | Desktop | Hybrid HTML5 | Embedded | Smart Home

Business Software

We do app development in Chicago, IL for business software, which gives you exactly what you need to run your business. It’s easy to use and beautiful to look at!

Mobile Apps

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We also do app development in Chicago, IL for cross-platform, native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This includes tablets like the iPad and phones like the iPhone. Let us build your exciting mobile app today!

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Don’t pay “Chicago” Rates!

We are located in downstate Illinois, where the going rates are much cheaper. 

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    Web Apps

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    Web apps are great, in that they can be quickly and easily deployed to any device that uses a modern web browser, regardless of device size, type, or operating system.

    Contact us for web app development in Chicago, IL.

    Desktop Apps

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    The large available screen sizes make desktop apps perfect for viewing and manipulating data! Let OneHat be your desktop app development partner in Chicago, IL today!

    Hybrid HTML5 Apps

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    Hybrid apps are hot right now! Basically, a combination of web, desktop, and mobile, these apps brilliantly allow a “write once,  deploy to many” approach to differing software platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

    We can develop your HTML5 app in Chicago, IL.

    Embedded Systems

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    Embedded systems find their usefulness within the context of other, larger systems. For example, since 2018, OneHat has been creating beautiful and functional user interfaces for  heavy equipment, as well as the software to create those embedded user interfaces.

    We would be thrilled to be your embedded app developer in Chicago, IL!

    Smart Home Apps

    Smart Home apps—built for devices like Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Home—are all the rage these days. Have use design and develop a custom app for your smart home device in Chicago, IL.